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Art and environment

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, April 13, 2018 14:25:05

Art project 19th March to 13th April in Schwaan
Professor-Franz-Bunke-Schule schwaan

Stop Climate Change – Start of the art project – preparations

What is climate change? What is the greenhouse effect?
What can we young people do against it? Can we really stop it or are we too young?
Switch off lights, TV …when we leave the room,
lower the heating, wear warmer clothes instead,
walk to school or use a bike instead of a car?

First we did a lot of investigations about the Paris Climate Conference and the results. Then we discussed about the meaning for the people in Germany and especially here in the North in a small city like Schwaan.
We found out a lot of things we could do at school and at home.

Then we prepared „lessons“ for younger students – grade 5 and 6 including a power point presentation, lots of posters and reports. During the next three weeks we are going to teach them about the topic Climate Change.

Teacher training

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, April 13, 2018 14:18:00

Teacher training 09.-12.April 2018

Petra Paul and Birgit Dünow take part in Nykobing/ Denmark

It is a good tradition that teachers of at least five countries (Poland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Lithuania) come together and learn from each other. So this was our last meeting – the dissamination conference – of the „Let’s do it“ project 2016 – 2018.
We spent four days together. The youth hostel in Nykobing is a wonderful place for those meetings.
First the booklet was discussed which is a result of precious experiences of many students exchanges. There is no better way of doing teacher trainings than working together in exchanges. Then we went to different schools in Südfalster that took part in exchanges and even hosted some of them. We learned about what it means for small communities to have a big internationally working school. Discussions with teachers and students followed.
Then we got information about cooperation of Sophieschool with schools in Guldborgsund Municipality.
At the end there was enough time left for changing experiences while having a cup of coffee or sightseeing or folk dance to Danish fiddle music.

climate experiments

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, April 13, 2018 14:13:24

Project grade 5 – Experimentarium

22nd March 2018
in Zingst

Topic: How easy it can be to save the planet by using

alternative energy sources

Extreme weather conditions might already be a result
of climate change – that’s what we first experienced that day. We had already
learned in previous projects about the danger of climate change for the weather
on earth. It doesn’t necessarily have to be warmer everywhere ( like a
president of a huge country always thinks), but in many regions of the earth
more extreme like heavy rain, storm or snow. Our region MV might even disappear
under water because of melting ice.

Heavy snow end of March, it is spring time, so we were
surprised. Buses were late, some students couldn’t arrive in time and had to
stay at school.

Our bus to Zingst needed more time to go to there.

The project there was very nice. The teachers there
had a lot of time to answer all our questions because we were the only guests.
We had a lot of time to do some interesting experiments. So we send letters and
small parcels through a long pipe only with muscular strength. Then we made
small trains move with solar power.

There is so much energy around us that could be used.
But there is still the problem of storing it. Scientists are trying hard to
solve it and have found amazing solutions.

Finally we arrived home safely on a cold and snowy
spring day.