animal breeding

A visit to „Wildtierpark Güstrow“ on 30th May 2017

Many children like to have pets at home. They have to
learn very early that animals are not toys, so they have to know a lot about animal

During the visit in Güstrow about 40 schoolkids of
grade 2 learned how to help to protect nature and environment and how to care
for living creatures.

First they learned about how wild animals became
domestic animals. During their walk through the park they could watch wild
animals like wolves in a nature-like surrounding. They learned that every
creature has its place in nature and that it is important for the balance to
care for a natural environment.

After the walk the students participated in a nature quiz
and showed that they learned a lot. They could also ask all their questions
about pets.

“It was a fantastic day” class 2a and 2b