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Green Gardens at school

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Mon, May 29, 2017 13:06:39

Raised plant boxes in our school garden area

Gardening club every Tuesday

A garden
project for our primary kids could be started. The students of our handicraft
work group want to build two different plant boxes for our school garden area.
The primary teachers have the wish to illustrate the children the growths of
vegetable and herbs. They are also want to show the process of composting. To
reach these aims the work group has to construct boxes with an acrylic glass
front. The first steps are done. The wood could be bought and the students put
the parts together. We will see how it goes on.

Energy and environment

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Mon, May 29, 2017 13:01:26

Visiting the Center of Future Mobility in Dresden

Students learn a lot about technology and environment
at school from teachers and schoolbooks. How does all that work in reality and
what does it cost? That is important. At the age of 14 or 15 it is also
important to get ready for future life. That means choosing a job training and decide for a place to live.
We have learned a lot about mobility. How can we get to work one day and what
does that cost. How can we get from one place to another. Some of us will live
far away from friends and family so the question is very important.

So we – class 9a – decided to visit the Center of future Mobility
in Dresden. We went on a class trip, so we didn’t need extra money for

We could learn a lot about modern car technologies.
The interactive models were a lot of fun. We could touch and experience car
models. One example is the full size glass frame model of the e-Golf. Now we
know that car technology has a short history and the next step is not too far.
Some of us will work in car industry one day.

The main thing we realized is that you don’t need to
compromise between enjoying driving and environment when you decide for an
electric vehicle.

A wooden raft

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Mon, May 29, 2017 12:55:46

A nice environment also helps to feel good and
have fun to work in a team

Workshop on 3rd May 2017

6graders made an interesting class trip to the south west of Mecklenbourg. They
spent most of the time outside and made different workshops. On one day they
especially worked to the project: “Stop climate change”. Their idea was to
build a wooden raft. In preparation to the project they were informed about
different kinds of wood and other materials which can be used from our nature.
Then the students formed groups and made construction plans. The instructor
gave some help to get the rafts swimming. Then after some hours hard work the
time came to try the rafts in the lake. The students were very excited.
Although the water was still very cold, all students wanted to test their raft
and climbed on it. Look into all the happy faces! It worked! What a nice
example for living in a healthy nature.