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Art project

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, May 18, 2018 09:18:57

Our art project

We, students of grade 8 from Professor-Franz-Bunke-Schule Schwaan, invite you all to watch our project video about climate change on YouTube.


Projekt Klimawandel

Climate debate

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, May 18, 2018 09:06:07

Climate debate
Professor-Franz-Bunke-Schule Schwaan
13th April 2018

In the morning of 13th April we, students of grade 8, were very excited.
After working on the topic climate change for weeks which also included teaching students of grade 6 about the topic and work on an interesting art project we had prepared a debate about climate change.
We had invited a lot of guests like mister Antelmann, the representative from town hall, mister Pabusch, our headmaster, Mister Dawberg, our artist who teached us to create art works and lots of other guests.

The main topic was to discuss how our school can change things to contribute to save our environment.
We represented our ideas and had an interesting and open discussion.
Some of our ideas were easy to realize. So the replacement of old light bulbs had already begun years ago. We also wanted to start a better waste sorting system next schoolyear and need some money for that, make sure that no paper goes to the other waste baskets because we can sell used paper! We want to use recycled paper for all purposes, also for all the copies of course. The town is also planning a new energy saving heating system. Movement sensors should be a standart in all public buildings like our school.
Students should use buses instead of cars. We are planning to talk to parents in the morning and ask them why they take their children to school by car. Some of them have reasons of course.
At the end of our climate debate we were happy and satisfied with the results.smiley

Organic farming

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, May 18, 2018 07:45:12

How to become a good farmer
24 students of grade 6 went to explore farm life and work

We can read about farming in books or on the internet. But we wanted to find out in reality what it really means to be a good farmer.
On May 4th 2018 we went to Agrarbetrieb Meiners-Hobel GbR in Horst near Bützow.
There we started visiting the farm area and first of all the calf rearing station. Especially our boys wanted to stay there all day.

But there was more interesting stuff to explore. We were impressed by the huge milking system and how easy it worked. The cows seemed to use it as a wellness area.

The most interesting part was the biogas plant. So the farm can produce huge amounts of energy which is an important step to stop climate change. Production does not depend on fossile fuels, it is always the same amount of “raw material” and so the energy circle is closed.
The best way of selling farm products is to create something own like homemade cheese. The farm includes a small cheese factory which produces a lot of dairy goods.
In an organic garden centre a lot of vegetable is produced too.
At the end of our day we could produce and taste our own cheese which was delicious. We could also try all the other farm products and could hear that they are sold in markets not far from the farm. That’s what we are going to tell our parents-buy local food more often and save our environment.
The girls are making cheese.smiley

Nature Heritage Centre Rügen

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Sun, May 13, 2018 14:27:27

Walking on top of the trees – grades 6 and 7
Nature on the Isle of Rügen
9th April 2018

Students of grades 6 and 7 went to Naturerbezentrum – Nature Heritage Centre – in Binz on the Isle of Rügen. They were ready for a walk high over tree tops.
The trip started early in the morning at 8 o’clock. The groups went by bus. The weather was fantastic.

After two hours they arrived and the tour could start. The nature guide Mister Strohmann explained the special features of plants and wildlife on the island, an example for an intact ecosystem which has to be preserved by next generations, so by the students! Huge parts of the island would even disappear when we don’t do anything against climate change.
Big areas on the island are an example for this intact ecosystem. During the walk the students learned that the surrounding nature is the home of many protected plants and animals. Here they find a quiet and clean place. Huge areas are former military zones which allowed a lot of plants to grow without being disturbed.
The white-tailed eagle found a save home here as in other parts of Mecklenburg Pomerania.
At the end of an amazing walk over tree tops the students went to the environmental information centre to repeat what they have learned and to do some interesting nature experiments.
It was an amazing day in nature.

Art project

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Sun, May 13, 2018 13:42:54

Creative Vegetable Workshop for 30 girls of grade 6
8th April 20018

At the 8th of April we welcomed Fenja Meiners from Wonderseeds-a community Permaculture Garden Project-for a creative vegetable workshop.
The workshop started with some information about the mythology, plant breeding history and different ways of using vegetable in the last century.
We listened to Fenja and got several worksheets.
Then we talked about our favorite vegetables, personal associations and experiences. Which vegetable is especially helpful because it contains health supporting components?
Inspired by all that we created unique vegetable artworks by using several fibre craft techniques- knob celery with a tear as a hint to the Greek mythology, where it is meant to be helpful on sad days, carrots with smileys, very exact plant designs showing the fascination of nature.
Finally we sewed pockets using our artworks.
Photos of all our vegetable artworks went into the Community Wondergarden in Belitz, they are part of a garden puzzle game there and laminated versions serve as signs in the developing garden.

Art and environment

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, April 13, 2018 14:25:05

Art project 19th March to 13th April in Schwaan
Professor-Franz-Bunke-Schule schwaan

Stop Climate Change – Start of the art project – preparations

What is climate change? What is the greenhouse effect?
What can we young people do against it? Can we really stop it or are we too young?
Switch off lights, TV …when we leave the room,
lower the heating, wear warmer clothes instead,
walk to school or use a bike instead of a car?

First we did a lot of investigations about the Paris Climate Conference and the results. Then we discussed about the meaning for the people in Germany and especially here in the North in a small city like Schwaan.
We found out a lot of things we could do at school and at home.

Then we prepared „lessons“ for younger students – grade 5 and 6 including a power point presentation, lots of posters and reports. During the next three weeks we are going to teach them about the topic Climate Change.

Teacher training

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, April 13, 2018 14:18:00

Teacher training 09.-12.April 2018

Petra Paul and Birgit Dünow take part in Nykobing/ Denmark

It is a good tradition that teachers of at least five countries (Poland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Lithuania) come together and learn from each other. So this was our last meeting – the dissamination conference – of the „Let’s do it“ project 2016 – 2018.
We spent four days together. The youth hostel in Nykobing is a wonderful place for those meetings.
First the booklet was discussed which is a result of precious experiences of many students exchanges. There is no better way of doing teacher trainings than working together in exchanges. Then we went to different schools in Südfalster that took part in exchanges and even hosted some of them. We learned about what it means for small communities to have a big internationally working school. Discussions with teachers and students followed.
Then we got information about cooperation of Sophieschool with schools in Guldborgsund Municipality.
At the end there was enough time left for changing experiences while having a cup of coffee or sightseeing or folk dance to Danish fiddle music.

climate experiments

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Fri, April 13, 2018 14:13:24

Project grade 5 – Experimentarium

22nd March 2018
in Zingst

Topic: How easy it can be to save the planet by using

alternative energy sources

Extreme weather conditions might already be a result
of climate change – that’s what we first experienced that day. We had already
learned in previous projects about the danger of climate change for the weather
on earth. It doesn’t necessarily have to be warmer everywhere ( like a
president of a huge country always thinks), but in many regions of the earth
more extreme like heavy rain, storm or snow. Our region MV might even disappear
under water because of melting ice.

Heavy snow end of March, it is spring time, so we were
surprised. Buses were late, some students couldn’t arrive in time and had to
stay at school.

Our bus to Zingst needed more time to go to there.

The project there was very nice. The teachers there
had a lot of time to answer all our questions because we were the only guests.
We had a lot of time to do some interesting experiments. So we send letters and
small parcels through a long pipe only with muscular strength. Then we made
small trains move with solar power.

There is so much energy around us that could be used.
But there is still the problem of storing it. Scientists are trying hard to
solve it and have found amazing solutions.

Finally we arrived home safely on a cold and snowy
spring day.

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